Bad, bad boy.

Egy magát meg nem nevezni kívánó közéleti rajzolónak tele lett a hócipője. (Nem csodálom, én is hasonlóan érzek. Nemrég lelkendeztem, milyen jó, hogy RSS-ben is el lehet végre érni a közéleti rajzokat. Aztán miután megismerkedtem a választékkal, undorodva dobáltam ki egy híján az összeset. Ann Telnaes – már csak a stílusa miatt is – megmaradt.)

Ismeretlen karikaturistánk továbbment. Elindított egy blogot, azzal a feltett szándékkal, hogy szénné cikizzen minden olyan rajzot, mely kiverte nála a biztosítékot.
Lesz munkája.


Today is your lucky day. I am going to teach you the secrets that have kept political cartoonists in their high and loft positions for decades while you, with infinitely more wisdom and political insight, are doomed to life your life without the prestige, wealth and hot trophy wives that we cartoonists have.

Lesson one: The scrambled egg.

Not a creative person? Can’t think up any new ideas? Don’t worry that never held Jeff Koterba back! Here’s how you too can make a cartoon out of nothing.

Step one: Go to and see what the biggest story of the day is- but it can’t have anything to do with politics.

Take that story and mix it up, don’t hold back now. You can add a politician or even a country.

A The Daily Cartoonist készített vele egy email interjút. Ebben is vannak érdekes dolgok:

Yes. You might have heard of me. I have won national awards. But that doesn’t mean much anymore. Journalism is in such a sorry state we’re giving ourselves awards every chance we get. Cindy Procious won a few for being married to Clay Bennett. I hear if you go to dinner with Steve Sack then you are automatically made a finalist for the Pulitzer. Matt Davies won a Pulitzer because the judges thought that he invented scribbling. Last years winners had praise heaped upon them because they used something called the internets.

Why don’t we draw cartoons that make people feel good or are uplifting and kind? Because nobody would care. We laugh at cartoons when they have a fierce way of saying sometihng — whether or not we agree with it.