Két sivatagi ember beszélget a Piramisok című fantasy regényben. A két ember nemrég szökött meg Djelibeybi (Egyiptom) államból és érkezett meg Ephebe (Görögország) államba.
A könyv maga 1989-ben íródott.

They’ve got something they do it with, I think it’s called a mocracy, and it means everyone in the whole country can say who the new Tyrantis. One man, one’ He paused. The political history lesson seemed avery long while ago, and had introduced concepts never heard of in Djelibeybi or in Ankh-Morpork, for that matter. He had a stab at it, anyway. ‘One man, one vet.’
‘That’s for the eelecting, then?’
He shrugged. It might be, for all he knew. ‘The point is, though, that everyone can do it. They’re very proud of it. Everyone has -‘ he hesitated again, certain now that things were amiss – ‘the vet. Except for women, of course. And children. And criminals. And slaves. And stupid people. And people of foreign extraction. And people disapproved of for, er, various reasons. And lots of other people. But everyone apart from them. It’s a very enlightened civilisation.’
Ptraci gave this some consideration.
‘And that’s a mocracy, is it?’
‘They invented it in Ephebe, you know,’ said Teppic, feeling obscurely that he ought to defend it.
‘I bet they had trouble exporting it’ said Ptraci firmly.