Itt az újabb, de ez most nem egy nagy durranás. Viszont van benne egy nagyon finoman adagolt invitálás:

The problem with creating a newsletter targeted to the smartest people in the universe is that you have highly effective spam filters. I worry that even though I send this masterpiece to almost half a million DNRC members, only four or five of you are seeing it.
Do me a favor and let me know you’re reading this by clicking the link to my blog, thus registering a page view.
This request is not (only) a clever trick to get people to look at the blog. I really need to know if the Dilbert Newsletter is being filtered into irrelevance.

Na ja. Ettől függetlenül érdemes Scott Adams blogját olvasni, hozza a szokásos idétlen formáját.

És még egy említésre érdemes momentum a hírlevélből.

Yup. No strings attached. Just follow the link below to download your free copy, in pdf format.
I’m giving it away because I found out that most people who read it end up either recommending it or buying the paper version as gifts for other people. Why not get a copy for your laptop, so you have something to read next time you’re traveling? You can’t beat free.

Erről a könyvről tudni kell, hogy Scott egyetlen nemDilbert alkotása. (Eltekintve persze a vega bizniszétől.)