Kathy Sierra írt egy nagyon jó cikket a Creating Passionate Users blogban, You 2.0 címmel arról, amit én ‘reneszánsz ember’-nek szoktam nevezni.

The more we learn about the brain, the more we learn about learning, and learning is the key. Not just as something to get better at (i.e. learning to learn), but learning as exercise for the brain. In other words, learning virtually anything makes your brain better, and a better brain makes your learning better. All nicely recursive : )
My sister Sherry knows a couple, both brain surgeons, who’ve decided that the way to keep their brains in shape is to take up a completely new (and sometimes randomly-selected) hobby every two years.

NPR had an interview (but I can’t remember who it was!) with a 100-year old woman who when asked about regrets, had a quote that went something like this, “If I’d known I was going to live to be 100, I would have taken up the violin at 60. I’d have been playing for 40 years by now.”

És még egy csomó nagy igazság arról, hogy miért igyekezzünk időnként teljesen új dolgokban elmélyülni.
Jó cikk, jó blog.